Caviar has trumpeted status, wealth, prestige and sex appeal and is today a symbol of sensual love, beauty, luxury and, health. For centuries, it has been heralded as the most extravagant aphrodisiac.

Unprecedented in its potency and prized across the globe, Black Sturgeon Caviar is an exceptional nutritional product rich in amino acids with very high concentrations of nutrients.

Caviarlieri is a unique anti-aging creation, harnessing the intrinsic value of Black Caviar to create the ultimate luxury of youth, personifying beauty, energy, and irresistible appeal.


Encapsulating the potent bio active nutrients of Caviar into a supplement has been a drearn and a formidable challenge for the Anti-Aging Medical World for several decades. Our panel of Anti-Aging medical experts comprising distinguished Swiss French and German Cell Therapists, biotech chemists have created, after 20 years of intensive research, this Age-Defying Caviar Supplement, Caviarlieri.

Using its proprietary Swiss Cold “Cellularix” DNA extraction technology, Caviarlieri is encapsulated with the potent Caviar Cellular DNA Extract and premium bio active Marine peptides – a product unparalleled in energy, strength and beauty.

Irrespective of your age, Caviarlieri’s unique and intrinsic ability to deliver the most outstanding and awesome anti-aging results becomes evident almost immediately.