Brain Protection and
Prevention of Brain Degeneration

Brain Protection and
Prevention of Brain Degeneration

An in vitro study on Caviarlieri which is published in a peer reviewed journal proved that Caviarlieri facilitates the differentiation of the whole set of brain cells (neurons, astrocytes and oligodendrocytes). The observed reciprocal response between neuronal and glial populations suggests that Caviarlieri can potentially affect a neuronal lineage of the neural progenitor cells. Thus, Caviarlieri can effectively protect degeneration in some integral parts of the brain, specifically the Hippocampus and may be able to stimulate neurogenesis in the mature brain.

Effective properties of a sturgeon-based bioactive compound on stress-induced hippocampal degeneration and on in vitro neurogenesis

F Marotta, DH Chui, H Yadav, A Lorenzetti, Celep G, S Jain, A Bomba, A Polimeni, K Zhong, F Allegri

Journal of Biological Regulators & Homeostatic Agents
Volume 26 Number 3, July-September 2012


The aim of this study was to test the activity of a marine bioactive compound containing high-purity caviar-derived DNA, collagen elastin and protein extracts from sturgeon to exert neuroprotective properties in an experimental setting while also being potential triggers of neurogenesis in a separate in vitro study. Supplementation with high-DHA mixture and Caviar DNA Extract (LD-1227) in Caviarlieri was applied for 30 days to stress model muriels. Both supplementations significantly mitigated the histological brain damage when analysing hippocampal subregions and corticosterone level. However, Caviar DNA Extract (LD-1227) was most significantly efficient in preventing SOD, Catalase and ascorbic acid decrease in brain tissue as compared to DHA.

Positive Effect of Caviarlieri on Brain Degeneration Cells


Muriels were subjected to immobilization stress and given orally (or mixed in their regular diet) as follows:

Group A- regular chow food

Group B- natural fish oil rich in DHA (10 mg) mixed into regular food

C- Caviar DNA Extract (LD-1227) 10 mg given orally with their regular diet

Group A demonstrated neuron cell degeneration in CA1, CA2, Ca4 and also in Dg of hippocampus compared to the control (healthy) group. Nerve cell degeneration was observed in almost all 6 layers of the hippocampus. It is evident that in Group B (DHA )and Group C (Caviar DNA Extract), the number of degenerating cell bodies were significantly reduced and to a comparable extent. Cell bodies of all six layers of the hippocampus demonstrated normal neuronal morphology.

The Benefit of Caviarlieri on Brain Oxidative Stress

Results stress marker:

Corticosterone activity was significantly increased (156.6 µg/100ml) in muriels after applying the stress regimen. Corticosterone level almost doubled in stressed animals and Caviar Extract (LD-1227) treatment and DHA brought about a comparable partial improvement in stress levels (p<0.01 vs stressed animals).

Ascorbic acid content in the brain tissue, which can be a preliminary marker of stress, decreased in stress treated animals (1.4 mg/100ml) as compared to healthy control (2.4 mg/100 ml of tissue; p < 0.01). After treatment with Caviar Extract (LD-1227), an increase in ascorbic acid content was observed and also reached a statistic significance level (p < 0.01). The values shown are almost close to the healthy control group.

Accordingly, the SOD activity was significantly decreased by over 33% in stressed animals as compared to control (p < 0.005), and it was restored only in the C group who were treated with Caviar Extract (p<0.05 vs B group, p<0.001 vs A group).

Catalase level in the experimental groups demonstrated a significant change as compared to control with a decrease in the A group by 40% and was restored only in C group muriels treated with Caviar Extract (Ld-1227) (p<0.05 vs B group, p<0.01 vs A group).

The spontaneous MDA activity was the highest in the stress group (2.9 nmoles/ml) when compared to respective concentration of MDA in muriels treated with either supplement in which the content normalized (A group vs healthy control: p <0.001) (Table 2).


Both supplements stimulated neurogenesis in vitro and neurons marker in particular but the markers such as og oligodendrocytes and glia increased only in those who took the Caviar Extract (LD-1227)-enriched medium. Taken together these data suggest that Caviar Extract (LD-1227) is able to significantly protect brain structure redox system at a higher degree than DHA.

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