Boosting Libido by Improving your Health Conditions with the Caviar Supplement

Caviarlieri | Published March 02, 2020

“Libido” is medically defined, in part, as “sexual drive, conscious or unconscious” and “variously identified as the sex urge, desire for pleasure or satisfaction.”

So what’s behind low sexual desire? Aging plays a role, though many older men have a robust interest in sex. Like most other human traits, the sex drive varies. Most men are in the normal range; some are extraordinarily driven toward addiction-like sexual behavior. At the other end of the scale are men with very low sexual interest. These are men who suffer from hypoactive sexual desire disorder (HSDD).

People with libido issues may be attributed to one or more of the following reasons:

Psychological Issues

Stress and anxiety from the strain of daily life, relationship or family problems, depression, and mental disorders are among the many factors that can affect sexual desire.

Depression and low libido may go hand-in-hand. Depression is often the cause of a reduced sex drive but may also be the consequence, making a tough situation worse. While psychotherapy may be effective in treating the depression, antidepressant medications can often exacerbate rather than improve the loss of libido

scientist research how to increase libido

Medical Problems

Diseases such as diabetes; conditions such as obesity, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol; and HIV drugs, some hair-loss remedies, and other medications can negatively affect sexual desire.

Medication side effects are common causes of low libido in men. These may include entire classes of drugs that can affect a man’s sex drive to varying degrees. Common culprits include statins, beta-blockers, antidepressants, antipsychotics, benzodiazepines, and anticonvulsants. Even over-the-counter drugs like Tagamet (cimetidine) can cause problems if taken for long periods of time.

Hormonal Causes

“Testosterone is the hormone of desire, arguably for women as well as for men,” Goldstein says. Low testosterone levels usually mean low sexual desire. Levels dip as men age; other causes include chronic disease, medications, and other drug use. Other hormones can play a role, too, such as low levels of thyroid hormone or, rarely, high levels of prolactin, a hormone produced in a gland at the base of the brain.

“Sexual satisfaction appears to increase with increasing frequency of exercise,” explains Judith Gerber, PhD, a researcher with the University of Vermont, Burlington.

Sexual Desire: How to Increase Libido

In fact, exercise was the only one of the various factors the researchers measured (including financial and career satisfaction, testosterone levels, etc.) that was linked to sexual function. They found the connection between exercise and sexual satisfaction at the beginning and the end of the five-year study.

Based on the above reasons, it is therefore obvious that a person’s health condition can positively or adversely affect his libido.

There may be many supplements or drugs which may have claims that can help boost libido. But what is most important is to improve the overall health condition of an individual and the issues relating to libido and sexual desire and performance will be improved and enhanced.

Supplement to Help Increase Libido

Caviarlieri’s most promising effect is the overall rejuvenation and regeneration of many aspects of the body. By providing nutrition at the cellular level, Caviarlieri can help accelerate cellular repair and renewal against damaged cells, boosting cellular /sexual energy levels, elevate mood and promotes good sleep quality etc.

This was possible through the meticulous and advanced technological formulation of its premium ingredient – Caviar Cellular Extract. The formulation of these Bioactive ingredients are potent and allow it to deliver its maximum effect. As we age, the human body loses its vibrancy, lower energy levels and stamina. Caviarlieri delays these aging manifestations and enhances the restoration of one’s youthful vigor in all possible aspects.

Caviarlieri the latest Swiss Innovation in Cell Therapy – Cindy Looser, CEO of Tam Plenus

Potent and effective nutrition with efficient delivery mechanism can definitely contribute to enhancement in libido and sexual satisfaction.

Key Ingredients and Benefits of Caviarlieri to Boost Libido

Caviarlieri’s premium key ingredients have been studied and proven to have certain benefits to these problems:

  • A deficiency of Selenium in the body plays a part in reducing libido. The right supplementation of Selenium will assist in improving one’s drive. Caviarlieri’s key ingredients of Caviar Cellular DNA extracts, marine peptides and also selenium can help reduce oxidative stress and remove free radicals . Due to its strong antioxidant properties, this caviar supplement can help to prevent sperm damage as well.
  • Another synergistic ingredient of Caviarlieri is Coenzyme Q10. CoQ10 increases blood flow to dilating blood vessels. An erection cannot be achieved if the blood flow is not strong enough. CoQ10 also helps to preserve nitric oxide levels. Nitric oxide is important in achieving and erection and maintaining it since an increase in its levels naturally occur during arousal to stimulate sexual potency.
  • Another key ingredient of Caviarlieri is Marine Collagen. Knowns as one of the main building blocks of our body, collagen I helps to maintain and enhance the integrity of our tissues and skin. Natural production of collagen decreases with we age but Caviarlieri can enhance the production of collagen within our body naturally at the cellular level, improving overall health conditions.

In addition to Caviarlieri supplementation, there are many natural measures to improve one’s sex life which includes changes in lifestyle habits, reduction of stress, taking care of one’s mental health and regular check-ups specially with testosterone and other hormonal levels.

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