What is Skin Photo Aging and How Can the Caviar Cellular Therapy Supplement Help?

Caviarlieri | Published September 02, 2020

Photoaging may not be a very common term pertaining to the skin, but it accounts for one of the main reasons why our skin ages the way it does and also way faster than usual. Photoaging is the premature or accelerated aging of our skin due to sun exposure or even UV light exposure. It is something to be seriously considered, prevented and treated as it is responsible for 90 percent of visible changes on the skin. Although chronological aging and lifestyle factors definitely contribute to the changes, photoaging easily hastens the process with the result of your skin aging prematurely.

The dermis is one of the layers of the skin which contains the collagen, elastin and other proteins and fibers that gives the skin its smooth and young appearance. It is also this layer of the skin that is most affected and damaged by UV radiation. Manifestations of photoaging are wrinkles, dark spots or also known as age spots, yellowish tint on the skin, drooping skin, leathery texture, easy bruising and telangiectasis or broken blood vessels which cause red lines or spider-vein like patterns on the skin. Worse still, photoaging may also lead to melanoma or skin cancer.

Common Treatments to Combat Photoaging

There is so much to be thankful and appreciative for the advanced technology and the studies which have discovered the many ways we can fight and treat skin aging by removing traces of it or at least delaying the progress. There are numerous treatments available today such as topical serums and creams, Hyaluronic acid fillers, various skin lasers, threading, chemical peels, injections and many more that people use in order to prevent their skin from aging or for removing the already visible signs.

Hyaluronic acid (HA) is a natural part of our skin that is mostly responsible for holding water thus retaining moisture in the skin. Many HA supplements and injectable fillers are available today to enhance the youthful glow of the skin in relation to its hydration and moisture. Lasers on the other hand target different layers of the skin even to the dermis in order to stimulate the collagen production in that particular area to fight the signs of aging.

threading is a temporary procedure

Threading has a similar effect by triggering the body’s healing mechanisms in the loose parts where the doctor attempts to tighten. The healing process causes the body to produce surges of collagen on the specific areas. However helpful and some with the immediate visible results, these treatments do not really hold for long as they are all temporary. In other words, it is not a sustainable approach to solving the aging problem. Continuing these procedures for the long term are extremely costly, risky and will perhaps eventually give a “fake” look.

Another reason for its temporary effect is that these procedures only target collagen formation and have no effect on the extracellular matrix of the skin. The extracellular matrix is what holds together the network of skin cells and the vital elements that controls its homeostasis such as collagen, elastin, HA and more. The extracellular matrix of the skin is also subject to degeneration by photoaging. The lack of attention to this particular part of the skin has become the deficiency of many treatment methods and procedures that aim to make the skin more youthful and bring about a more permanent lasting effect.

Caviarlieri Swiss Caviar Cellular Therapy Treatment – a Sustainable Anti-Aging Solution

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Only advanced research and findings on skin anti-aging has recognized that the extracellular matrix is also a key player in the skin’s exchange of nutrients among cells, growth factors and most of all its supporting aspect that holds all of these elements together.

Caviarlieri effectively delays skin aging by providing the needed nutrition at the cellular level to aid and boost protein synthesis, cell repair and cell renewal which results in stimulating collagen production. This makes it one of the most effective solutions as these processes contribute to rebuilding the extracellular matrix. Rebuilding the extracellular matrix of the skin can be achieved by having the right metabolic and structural support to the cells through amino acids, peptides, antioxidants, all of which are integral ingredients of Caviarlieri.

Apart from that, Caviarlieri’s Caviar DNA Extract has been proven to decrease synthesis of Fibronectin. Fibronectin is present on cell surfaces and connective tissues and increases with age and premature senescence. Decreasing the synthesis of fibronectin contributes to the prevention of premature skin aging.

Clinical studies have also been conducted on a key ingredient in Caviarlieri which is HP Collagen Elastin Plus (hydrolyzed marine collagen), which are polysaccharides and proteins which are needed actively in the dermis for basic skin structure, texture, and skin’s capacity to retain moisture. This delays the effects of aging on the skin by stimulating the main structural components and protecting it against environmental damage. Over time, Caviarlieri can help reduce and prevent the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and all other signs of aging.

study on deep wrinkles and prevention of fine lines

It has been proven time and again that skin care is something many people take for granted and the importance is only realized when the signs of aging appear and when they seem to be irreversible. That is when people panic and find quick solutions that really have no effect on the skin processes that govern aging.

There is also a misconception that skin care is only what you put on your face and not what you take in. Skin care is skin deep. It has to be at the cellular level . Another misconception is not to deal with the signs of aging and not until they appear. Caring for our skin starts at a preventable stage. Since photoaging is an accumulated effect of years and years of exposure, unlike many modalities of treatment, Caviarlieri can be used long term without side effects and it is absolutely noninvasive.

Its beneficial effects are maximized and sustainable unlike invasive facial procedures or treatments. Using Caviarlieri (Caviar supplement) as a nutritional supplement to battle skin aging is both an effective and natural approach to delay skin aging.